Sunday, 27 July 2014

Oakley Woods - Overly Friendly Peacocks!

On Saturday morning we ventured out into the nearby Oakley Woods to do a bit of butterfly spotting. I'd been reading up on where might be a good place to find species that I had not yet spotted, the garden was full of small tortoiseshells, gatekeepers and the speedy whites that I can never quite get a photo of. I wanted to see some new butterflies so off to the woodlands we went. the book recommended oak woods but I'd make do with pine today, though the amount of ferns that there were gave it the feeling of a jungle, well that combined with the rather warm temperatures. Accompanying me today were the boy and my wife (who turns out to an excellent butterfly attractor)


 The first new butterfly, for me anyway, that was spotted was this little fellow (above and left). It's the Speckled Wood, it's got rather nice patterns on it. Before we saw this one we'd spotted a gatekeeper and numerous white butterflies. Mostly Green-Veined Whites, see one below.


The second new butterfly was the Silver-Washed Fritillary that is pictured to the left. We spotted that one on our way out of the woods. I'm glad we stumbled upon it.

 The highlight of the trip was some interaction between my wife and a rather friendly Peacock. It was fluttering between us very closely and when i thought it had fluttered off I was told that it might have alighted on my wife. Indeed it had, it found a comfortable spot on her behind, doubtless attracted by the neon pink! A great chance for a close up though.

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  1. Great photographs, and glad you enjoyed your visit to Oakley Wood. Would you consider letting the Friends of Oakley Wood add a gallery of your photos from Oakley Wood to their website, with credits of course?


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